A downloadable game for Windows

Someone messed up the order of the books in the library window. You take care to sort them in the requested order.

If you select "Just Chill" you can simply enjoy the atmosphere.
If you select "Challenge" you will get a specific value to order by. For example the author's name or the page count.

Some of the information is not visible on the first glance but you can look them up by quickly clicking on a book. To close the detail view just right click somewhere on the screen.

To move a book just drag it.

Remember sorting by:

  • Title: English Title (without the or a)
  • Author: Name (without sir, de, von, etc.)
  • Be careful to order in the right direction. The note in the top left corner will state (ascending or descending).

There is some atmospheric sound but it might be optimal with headphones.

Apparently the game is crashing on pressing the exit button (It freezes and takes a time to close). At the moment none of us have time to look at it I'm sorry...

Done in a team of three for the Extra Credits GameJam:

Team (Twitter):


MarmeladenBuecherei.zip 28 MB


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A very neat little game about sorting books. Especially if you are not exactly well-versed in these classics (like me), I feel like the timer in challenge mode is a little strict, if at least probably still beatable, however I do not neccesarily think that that is a bad thing, as it encourages looking at these books a little closer. I very much appreachiate the inclusion of chill mode. Just taking your time with some of this wide varity of books with the rain outside is just so enjoyable somehow. Learned a bit too, a lot of these are just a tad older than I would have guessed. A very neat thing to come out of this jam.

Außerdem; guter Name.

(Just one little thing at the end; I think I caught a spelling error? Treasure island is spelled with two s here. Unless thats a refrence that went way over my head. By far nothing that detracts from the experience though)